Photography: Wolfie Kids Lightroom Presets

Wolfie Kids sell beautiful aesthetically curated children’s clothes online. Tones of brown, cream and beige fill their Instagram feed and the photographs of cute tiny people dressed in knitted play suits are breathtaking. Wolfie has so kindly designed a set of Adobe Lightroom Preset Filters so your photos can look just as amazing as theirs do!

I was skeptical about buying filters at first because Instagram filters have always worked just fine for me. I was wrong. Very wrong. I purchased one of Wolfie Kids’ Preset Packs and I wasn’t and still am not disappointed. I don’t know how but it doesn’t matter what kind of dull photo I send it, one of the six filters in the pack will always be perfect. After a neutral, aesthetic Instagram feed? Check out my before and afters – all using Wolfie Kids Presets. The first image is the edited version and the second photo is the original.

Go to to get your Adobe Lightroom Preset Packs today and save yourself hours of editing.

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