Kids: Matchy Matchy with your mini

In our house, we love matchy-matchy outfits. Hats, dresses, pants… mumma likes to match! Have a look below at some of our favourite brands to get something for you and your mini!


Hands-down, PatPat is the cheapest place to get matching outfits for your whole family… even Dad! The quality isn’t crash-hot but it will last long enough to spend a few outings looking cuter than ever!


I purchased a matching romper and dress for my girls and they looked amazing! (Image: Bec Smith)


Danielle in her toddler SnapBack and Annaleigh in her Kids SnapBack. (Image: Bec Smith)

Hukiru make personalised SnapBack hats for the whole family and they are fantastic – a huge hit with my kids! The quality is great, the price is great and what’s better than seeing the kids matching with Dad?



Okay, hear me out! If you are willing to spend some extra dollars, a matching tracksuit from Nike is perfect. The trackies, the tee, the jumper and the shoes – and look gorgeous matching side by side with your mini. This is an expensive one though so expect to spend some hard cash.


Cubs and Co Australia

Cubs and Co also make hats but for me, it’s the beanies! Not only can you have your initials sewn on, they are the comfiest beanies I have ever worn! My daughter and I have matching pink beanies and she claims the Pom Pom on top is the softest thing she’s ever felt! Great quality, great price!

Anna in her super soft beanie. (Image: Bec Smith)


La Sienna Couture

If you are looking for some cute jumpers or tees for you, your mini and your mini mini, then La Sienna has what you are after! The cutest crew necks, quirky tees and tops for you and your girls of all sizes! This one is a fave of mine because I can buy something for me, my 6 year old and my 6 month old at a great price.


Midnight Mischief Sleepwear

Think silk, think comfortable, think personalised! Midnight Mischief Sleepwear have you covered in the bedroom with their adult and children’s sizes and you can even add you name on the front pocket like Annaleigh and I did! With a great and reasonably priced range with a selection of colours, the choice between summer and winter pyjamas and the softest silk I have ever felt – you can’t go wrong.


Anna and I in the cutest matching pyjamas ever! (Image: Bec Smith)

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